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  • Inge Louise

How to Use The New Guides Feature

Have you seen the new guides feature?!

It’s very simple to use and give you amazing control over categorising and showcasing your products and services.

It’s essentially a way of creating a little portfolio of you so that you can store all of your content together.

Let’s say you’re a florist and you talk about weddings, everyday flowers and workshops. Use the guides feature to put these categories of posts together to create an online guide of each of these services together.

Say you’re a service based business. Categorise together the posts which may be actionable and inspirational about your service and testimonials. It creates a way for you to direct peoples attention depending on their need.

I have been waiting for this feature to come for so long and I think it’s going to be a game changer for businesses (especially multi disciplined ones!)

Have you had a go yet? Here’s a quick guide to try to help you use it.

👉🏻Head to your profile and click +

👉🏻Select the guide option, choose Posts

👉🏻Select the ones you want to put together

👉🏻Spend some time editing you titles and putting in descriptions of what each post in your guide is for.

👉🏻Make sure you edit any previews and click share and they should be there!


Inge x

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