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  • Inge Louise

How much money does 1000 Instagram followers make?

The number of followers you have on instagram can actually not mean a lot when trying to make sales. You could have 1 million followers and not gain any sales but you could also have 100 followers and make 1 million. Instagram influencer Arii, at just 18 years old, has 2.6 million followers on instagram. She developed a clothing brand in which she only succeeded in obtaining 36 sales. This is because her followers did not convert into clients. (Source- express

There are several ways you can go about to make money from your instagram followers. Statistically you should try to convert 2-35% of your audience into sales, knowing who your audience and ideal client is will make sales easier to achieve. The number of sales can be higher if you nurture and engage with the audience regularly as they will then be encouraged to trust you.

Ways to make money from your followers no matter how many followers:

1- One on One work:

Working with people through instagram is easy in the sense of finding the right people who are interested. Working one on one with your audience will gain more loyal clients. As well as one to one, working through a consultancy will enhance sales as they would provide the right advice and skills.

2- Digital product:

Create a digital product which can be easily accessed. As long as you target the right clients, and actively engage with them, they can show interest easier.

3- Instagram marketing:

Instagram marketing is a huge industry where anyone from small businesses to the bigger companies can promote and produce products and successfully gain sales. Selling physical products through instagram marketing, even with a small amount of followers, will open up plenty of sales as your instagram account will be strategic in how you sell your products.

4- Becoming an affiliate:

An affiliate is a marketing agreement where an online retailer or another company will pay you commission to sell products. You will receive a percentage of every sale you make through a given company.The affiliate marketing industry is constantly growing as one of the world's most passive sources of generating income online. According to a business insider reporter, it accounts for about 15% of overall revenue in the digital media industry. Becoming an affiliate will not only help make sales but also make your business more established.

5- Brand sponsorship:

A brand sponsorship is a great way to make money through your followers. A brand, for example Cadbury’s, may ask you to create posts and stories on their products and you will get paid as you are promoting their company and improving their sales.

6- Going Live:

On instagram, a great way to interact with your followers is through going live. These help your followers have a better understanding of what services you can provide or even what you are like as a person. Instagram now has a feature in which followers can give a tip, they are called gifts. The gift is a representative for a certain amount of money which a follower can choose to send you.

7- Website:

Attaching a website to your instagram will easily help you make money through your followers. A website made about your services or products will allow direct sales through the website. It is another way to sell your business and make sales.

I can help you in developing your instagram to be more suitable in attracting clients and converting them into sales through signing up to TheAgency that i have created in which is a long term strategic sessions which can help for your business and instagram to develop and improve.

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