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  • Inge Louise

What should go in my highlights on Instagram?

Highlights make a drastic impact on the decision from a person who is browsing your page. It tends to be viewed first, before your feed and tour grid, as it is a quick and easy way to navigate through your content. Highlights should give the potential follower and consumers the right message you want them to get when they see your page. When people view your page, what will they know about your business?

You should possibly have a maximum of five different highlights all giving out information or a basic summary of reasons for your business.

Think of it from a new person's perspective. They are going to know about you and your business, so make sure they are aware of the message you want to give them when they browse through your page. Remember, you need to nurture your followers in order to complete successful sales. This means developing a know me, like me and trust me process. In order for them to even follow you, they need to know YOU.

Ideas for different highlight posts:

Why and what got you interested in starting this business? - A new follower is going to be interested in your product/service but will also benefit them knowing how you got into it. Tell them about your journey, how you got into your business or what developed the idea to build your own business.

What does your business do/ benefit? - When a client is browsing a page or making a purchase, they will be fulfilling a need. For example, if your business sells Virtual reality products, this may be fulfilling a psychological need or a need to escape reality. Therefore, who will your business help and how?

What do you sell? - For both service and product based companies, you must show your followers and potential followers what is on offer. You must be constantly engaging and consistently trying to communicate to make these sales. What does your service include, how long does it last? How long do your products last, how often would they need to be bought/re-ordered if used effectively, such as face creams etc.

Make sure you are selling yourself. Remember potential clients are strangers and you need to take them on the journey from strangers to followers.

Inge x



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