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How can I make my instagram feed look better?

Instagram is one of the busiest platforms and one of the most popular business represented platforms with over 1 billion users. As a social media network, it is built in with many different features in which business owners can take advantage of and use to benefit their business. Understanding how to use these features properly, and for the right reasons, is the only technical bit. And once you have got a hang of it, your business page will look insane!

These features will help improve your instagram feed dramatically. Your feed gives off the initial impression of your business, therefore it must be precise and on brand.

Below is different ways you can use instagram features to your advantage to make your feed look better:

Branding guidelines

Having brand guidelines to follow will improve your feed massively. Rather than using multiple different colours, try selecting colours that may be similar to your website. Having these set colours that are on brand and give a feeling of what your business is. Colour really determines a lot as it helps people associate and remember your business. For example, yellow tends to be a ‘happy’ colour and therefore gives off an image of joy as such.


Similar to the branding guidelines, your instagram grid must be on brand. It is your posts and videos all in chronological order, therefore it must look professional and catch the eye of new followers. Your grid may be the deciding factor when it comes to new followers browsing your page. In order to guide your followers and gain new ones, you need to make sure your grid is giving the clear image and idea of what you want them to know about your business and what you do, it should initially tell them about you straight away.


Highlights, statistically, tend to be clicked on before posts and stories as it is the easiest thing to look at. Therefore you should make your highlights clear and on brand with what you want people to think about your business. Make highlights for what you do/products you make and then another for how you got into your business and what made you start it. All this information will help build up an image of your business in consumers' heads. .


Stories can literally be anything you want them to be! However, they tend to be more casual and frequent than posts. Keeping up with your stories and informing your followers of behind the scene footage or new ideas and plans you have, will help them get to know you and then develop a level of trust with you and your business. This regular engagement will make the consumer feel as though they can rely on you more.


Does it give a clear indication of what you want people to know about you? This is the first part of your feed that a potential follower would read, it literally is the decision on whether they proceed to browse your pge or not in most cases. Does it give a clear idea of what you do/are?

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